For UQ/internal researchers please access the UQBR website.

For External clients please contact Rebecca Bruce (07) 3346 4213 for a list of services and pricing.

UQBR services section

Animal Shipments - Imports and Exports

Importing Animals Made Easy!

UQ Biological Resources offers an importation service for all mice and rats.  UQBR’s experienced Imports officer, Emily Duggan, will coordinate all aspects of your import often reducing the time, angst and the cost.  This service includes:

  • DAFF permit application
  • Liaising with source to ensure animals to be sent are appropriate age/gender/genotype and Health status
  • Dealing with overseas and Australian regulatory agencies and carriers to obtain the often time critical health clearance, shipping space and dates.
  • Booking appropriate Quarantine Approved Premises space within UQBR.
  • Organising requisite Serological testing for DAFF clearance.
  • Organising and advising on follow up services such as post quarantine holding and embryo derivation depending on Pathogen status.
  • In cases where sufficient testing has been done by exporting facilities Emily can also arrange preclearance for your animals, thus avoiding the need for quarantine once they get to Australia. 

Mice coming into Australia must pass DAFF guidelines to be cleared from quarantine. Please see DAFF website for the DAFF list of pathogens.

As the mice coming into Australia originate from a vast array of facilities, their general health status will vary. Upon clearance from quarantine, the strain may need to be rederived from their compromised health status to a SPF facility. These mice are then able to be shipped to the preferred site.

Please see the TASQ Rederivation webpage for details on service provided and pricing.

Exporting Animals

For exporting animals, the process is very similar to importing, however less paperwork is involved.

For all import and export enquiries please contact Emily Duggan on:


Phone:  0413 306 689

Fax:     (07) 3325 3113

UQBR Vivarium facilities

As part of UQ Biological Resources, TASQ has access to all UQBR animal facilities within The University of Queensland campuses.

These animal facilities have a range of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) levels, making it possible for TASQ to import and rederive, cryopreserve and colony manage all strains, irrespective of their health status, compromised or otherwise.