8-cell embryo suitable for rederivation


Many mouse strains/lines are cryopreserved as embryos to preserve the line without maintenance breeding, to serve as a backup against a potential pathogen outbreak and to transfer strains between facilities/institutions.

When lines need to be rederived from cryopreserved stocks, embryos are thawed, cultured and then transferred into pseudopregnant females.


Internal Clients: $418.95/round
External Clients: $773.96/round

This includes:

  • Embryo thaw (TASQ will thaw a series of straws until approximately 40 embryos are obtained to perform embryo transfer)
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo transfer into pseudopregnant females
  • Agistment of pseudopregnant female and pups until the resulting progeny are weaned. (Agistment is the weekly charge applied by the anmal facilities for the basic care of the animal.  Please contact TASQ for pricing.)
  • Tissue sampling of rederived progeny.

Additional Costs

  • Courier or shipping costs of cryopreserved embryos to TASQ - if applicable
  • Animal agistment of progeny once weaned
  • Courier costs of mice to receiving facility/institution
  • Any additional health screens

How to Start

  1. Download, complete and return the Thaw Cryopreserved registration form to TASQ
  2. TASQ will then send a health report of the UQBR animal facility that the line will be rederived into, to the receiving animal facility manager.
  3. Once the UQBR health report has been accepted, TASQ will organize the date for thaw/rederive.


Week 1

  • Embryo thaw, culture and embryo transfer

Week 4

  • Progeny are due. Client will be notified of births.

Week 5

  • Tissue samples will be taken for genotyping and sent to Client.

Week 7

  • Progeny will be weaned.

When genotyping results are returned to TASQ the receiving animal facility manager will be contacted to organize a shipment date.

Additional Notes

  • TASQ can not guarantee that 100% of the cryopreserved embryos will survive the thaw process.
  • TASQ will embryo transfer all viable embryos.
  • TASQ cannot guarantee 100% of embryo transfers will result in live births.
  • Registration form must be returned to TASQ prior to commencement of service.
  • A current AEC number and OGTR number must be supplied prior to commencement of service.